SAT Is Coming

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolCan’t believe that time pasts so fast here at Canyonville Christian Academy! The SAT is coming tomorrow!

Everyone who is going to take the test tomorrow should go to sleep early today so they can take the test being refreshed!

Good luck to everyone!!


Studying For Toefl And SAT

private school international schoolThe test is coming!

This weekend every students from Canyonville Christian Academy were studying for the Toefl and SAT, sometimes if you went to someone’s room, you can see at least one person had fallen asleep while studying.

Everyone that was studying wanted a very high score because they want to get in a good college!

Is Your Boarding School Like This?

Yesterday was Canyonville Christian Academy’s picture day, everyone woke up early.  Even the guys who always wake up late, they all got up early to go to the bathroom to dress up!  It looked like everyone was fighting to get ready first, it was crazy yesterday morning!

Shaffer Dorm

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This Christian Boarding School has a dorm named Shaffer Dorm.  It is located near Canyonville Christian Academy’s campus.  It is a boy’s dorm and has two stories.

There are 7 rooms, 17 students and 2 deans that live there.  In each room there are 3 or 4 students.

There is a living room and a kitchen in the first floor, and there is a laundry in the basement.

Near Shaffer Dorm, there is a post office and bank, it’s convenient for students.

Boon Hall

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Boon Hall is a boy’s dorm at Canyonville Christian Academy.   This Boarding School Dorm has 3 floors and each floor has one restroom.  The dorm has around 30 rooms total, each room houses two students.

We have one kitchen on the first floor, one laundry in the basement.

Hunt hall is our students lounge, we can watch TV there, play pool, and play computer games together.  We also have wireless internet available in the dorm and Hunt hall.