First Month At Boarding School

international school has different cultrueIn Canyonville Oregon, there is a Christian Academy where students come from all over the world to continue their high school journey.

September 3rd 2012 is the day when Canyonville Christian Academy’s new school year started!!  Althought this is my third year study at CCA, I can still feel the excitement of meeting and getting along with every new student from other countries.

This is my senior year, and I am also elected to be an ambassador this year for the school.  I know as a leader in the school who is also an example which everyone looks up to,  I commit that I will bring students on the right track and be both teachers and deans’ hands and feet for helping to solve most of the difficulties and challenges.

One month has already past, and I’m so happy that all students seem to be having a really good time with not only the school, but also their relationships (getting along with each other).  I am looking forward to keep this same atmosphere throughout the school year all the way to graduation day.  It is my goal for this year (this being my senior year) is to help and to lead students to a successful school year.

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Private Boarding School – Canyonville Christian Academy JSB 2012!

JSB is coming!

It’s THE BIG EVENT of 2012 for the Junior & Senior classes of Canyonville Christian Academy.

All the guys here at the christian academy are getting busy in inviting a girl to accompaning him to the JSB – A dressy special event that includes dinner and a movie is only for the Junior and Senior classes.  The girls are all excited, finding themselves a nice dress for the occasion.  What can be more exciting than this?

 Students from Canyonville Christian Academy JSB 2010!

Is Everyone Excited About Spring Break?:)

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

Spring Break Is Coming!!!

Have you planned for your Spring Break yet? Well, the girls at the Canyonville Christian Academy are ALL ready! 🙂

Some girls are going back home and others are going to various places.

Some of the girls are going to each other’s house planning to have fun for the whole Spring Break, I hope they enjoy it!

  Talking of Spring Break, Track Season is here! The first meet is before Spring Break, we have girls practicing everyday, they are soooo tired after practice!

Work Hard and Win the First Meet!

A Warm Christmas In L.A:)

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

Did you do anything during this Christmas holiday?

This year, my private boarding school had a 18 days Christmas break. So what did I do?

Well, I went to L.A. and did a lots of things! I bought a new computer, got a new hair cut and tons of new clothes:) My friends and I went to staple center to play ice-skating, although I didn’t play it very well…but we still got a lots of fun! The day after Christmas was amazing! I went to big malls a did much shopping, 50% off in Hollister and A&F. People just gone crazy!!! Actually, I was a part of it:P Did you bought anything for yourself for CDorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregonhristmas? I’m sure I did! I also miss all of my schoolmates in CCA🙂 I miss all of you guys so much!

My Spring Break

This spring break just over, we had a great vacation! My friend and I, we went to LA for this spring break, and it was awesome! I like the weather there, it was warm so I can  enjoy the sunshine all the time.

LA is the best place I have ever seen, if I have another opportunity, I am pretty sure I will go there again!

Finally, spring break is over, it’s time to back to Canyonville Christian Academy, can’t wait to see everyone!

Coming up soon Senior Trip!

Dorm Life

I have lived in the dorm for almost 3 years, we are just like a big family, always study, play game, chat and whatever else, I can not image that I am going to graduate soon! We have a lot of memories, I have enjoyed living in the dorm and I’m looking forward to having more activities and create more memories!

Spring Break is Coming!!!

Guess what? Spring break is coming! Is everyone excited? Do you have any plan for spring break? There are two choices for me, the first one is go with the Canyonville Christian Academy‘s trip, it will be going to the beach in Oregon and enjoy the sunshine, I think it will be pretty good! The second option is to go to LA with my friend and his aunt, and that sounds good too! I had a hard time choosing….Finally, I decided to go to LA because I really want to go to Six Flags! Hope everyone will have lots of fun during their spring break!

SAT Is Coming

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolCan’t believe that time pasts so fast here at Canyonville Christian Academy! The SAT is coming tomorrow!

Everyone who is going to take the test tomorrow should go to sleep early today so they can take the test being refreshed!

Good luck to everyone!!

Is Your Boarding School Like This?

Yesterday was Canyonville Christian Academy’s picture day, everyone woke up early.  Even the guys who always wake up late, they all got up early to go to the bathroom to dress up!  It looked like everyone was fighting to get ready first, it was crazy yesterday morning!

Shaffer Dorm

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This Christian Boarding School has a dorm named Shaffer Dorm.  It is located near Canyonville Christian Academy’s campus.  It is a boy’s dorm and has two stories.

There are 7 rooms, 17 students and 2 deans that live there.  In each room there are 3 or 4 students.

There is a living room and a kitchen in the first floor, and there is a laundry in the basement.

Near Shaffer Dorm, there is a post office and bank, it’s convenient for students.