Christmas Break

christmas decorating, boarding school, christian academy, top international boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy starts Christmas break on December 19th 2012 then starts back up again January 7th 2013.

Here at this Christian Academy, in the boys dorm, we are very excited about this!  During this long Christmas break students have the opportunity to go back home to their own country and relax hanging out with family and friends.

Being from many different countries, a lot of us students come from countries that do not celebrate Christmas, EVER!  So decorating the high school campus is a great experience for us students.  Helping to decorate for Christmas together is also something special. We all come from different cultures and religion, but we join together and decorate for Christmas, preparing the whole campus, which brings us together as one family.

On that note, I hope everyone will have a great Christmas Break!!!

Have Fun!!

christmas decorating at christian boarding school, in canyonville, oregon.  One of the top International boarding schools in the United States.


Decorating Shaffer Dorm for Christmas !!

Looks like everyone had alot of fun the on the Thankgiving trip right? And now it’s time for Christmas…

…And it’s probably closer than you think! I can’t believe it’s only about 2 more weeks until the holiday seasons rolls around once again.

The decorative trees are already in shops and the merry tunes are flooding the radio. The schools is decorated for Christmas and all the students are excited for the up coming Christmas break, almost 3 WEEKS!!!!

All the boys in Shaffer Dorm+++++ is now decorating there dorm to celebrating Christmas.

First Month In CCA Dorm Life !

I have lived in Canyonville Christian Academy Shaffer’s Dorm  for 1 month and it’s actually really interesting .

CCA, Boading School, Private School, Dorm Life, Shaffer's Dorm

Shaffer’s Dorm can supply up to 20 boys in 7 large rooms. There are 3 large bedrooms upstairs and 4 large bedrooms downstairs.

The living room’s cieling  boasts 20 feet high and is a great place to relax and watch a sporting event or movie on the large screen TV.  From the upstairs bedrooms a balcony overlooks the living room that makes for a warm, family style dormitory.

The large kitchen can be used by students to prepare snacks and quick meals.

Dorm life at CCA is happy, fun, and lively. I couldn’t  image dorm life can be so amazing like this ! We’re like a big Family, we care for each other like brothers.

We have lots of activities like, Football and Soccer. We also work out together after study hall.

Playing football in front of Shaffer’s Dorm.

cca, canyonville, boarding school, private school, dorm life

Our Dean, Mrs. S
cca, canyonville, boarding school, private school, dorm life

My Spring Break

This spring break just over, we had a great vacation! My friend and I, we went to LA for this spring break, and it was awesome! I like the weather there, it was warm so I can  enjoy the sunshine all the time.

LA is the best place I have ever seen, if I have another opportunity, I am pretty sure I will go there again!

Finally, spring break is over, it’s time to back to Canyonville Christian Academy, can’t wait to see everyone!

Coming up soon Senior Trip!

Dorm Life

I have lived in the dorm for almost 3 years, we are just like a big family, always study, play game, chat and whatever else, I can not image that I am going to graduate soon! We have a lot of memories, I have enjoyed living in the dorm and I’m looking forward to having more activities and create more memories!

Spring Break is Coming!!!

Guess what? Spring break is coming! Is everyone excited? Do you have any plan for spring break? There are two choices for me, the first one is go with the Canyonville Christian Academy‘s trip, it will be going to the beach in Oregon and enjoy the sunshine, I think it will be pretty good! The second option is to go to LA with my friend and his aunt, and that sounds good too! I had a hard time choosing….Finally, I decided to go to LA because I really want to go to Six Flags! Hope everyone will have lots of fun during their spring break!

Christmas Break is coming!

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolChristmas Break is coming! Everyone is busy decorating and our school, Canyonville Christian Academy is looking amazing now! Also, everyone can’t wait to go home! We are planning our Christmas Break, that’s all we can think about!  Wishing everyone has a GREAT time this Christmas Break!

Merry Christmas to you!

SAT Is Coming

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolCan’t believe that time pasts so fast here at Canyonville Christian Academy! The SAT is coming tomorrow!

Everyone who is going to take the test tomorrow should go to sleep early today so they can take the test being refreshed!

Good luck to everyone!!

Studying For Toefl And SAT

private school international schoolThe test is coming!

This weekend every students from Canyonville Christian Academy were studying for the Toefl and SAT, sometimes if you went to someone’s room, you can see at least one person had fallen asleep while studying.

Everyone that was studying wanted a very high score because they want to get in a good college!