3 Days Till Christmas Holiday!!!:D

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon3 more school days and it’s Christmas Holiday, are you excited about it? Well, I’m having a busy week, because it’s almost Christmas, teachers are pushing us by giving ton of tests and homework. Anyway, thinking break is looking so good after all this work!

There was a Christmas Party in the dorm on the 11 th, it was a really crazy night. We started by having cakes, sushi, cookies and chocolate fountain. Then we exchanged presents, although the presents aren’t expensive, but we loved it!

After exchanging presents, we turn on disco ball, spotlights and loud music to have a real party in the dorm! It was so much fun dancing with everyone, it’s fun celebrating in the dorm!!! 🙂


Christmas Party & Concert at CCA !!

Shaffer Dorm and Boon Hall had a Christmas Party in the Auditorium, on                             Sunday Dec, 11/2011. We have alot of fun activities and good food!!!!! We trade our Christmas Gift with each other, playing games, and have a nice meal with chicken, pizza, cheese cake, etc…. .

Good job to everyone on the Choir team, you guy were awesome last night!!! And only few      more day, everyone can enjoy the biggest break of the year with their                                     family & friends.

Enjoy your trip guys!                                                                                                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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Thanksgiving Trip:)

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

What did you do during your Thanksgiving holiday?

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday:) This is my first Thanksgiving here in the United States because my home is in Hong Kong and we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because most of the Hong Kongers are too busy to be thankful:( I wish that will change one day.

Anyways, I had went to WA with my private boarding school during the holiday’s! It was so much fun playing in the water park that is located inside the hotel!!! Also shopping during the “Black Friday” sales, travelling in limos, car racing and bowling at midnight. That was all so cool!!! This holiday is one of the most exciting experience in my life!!!

Decorating Shaffer Dorm for Christmas !!

Looks like everyone had alot of fun the on the Thankgiving trip right? And now it’s time for Christmas…

…And it’s probably closer than you think! I can’t believe it’s only about 2 more weeks until the holiday seasons rolls around once again.

The decorative trees are already in shops and the merry tunes are flooding the radio. The schools is decorated for Christmas and all the students are excited for the up coming Christmas break, almost 3 WEEKS!!!!

All the boys in Shaffer Dorm+++++ is now decorating there dorm to celebrating Christmas.

The Last Weekend Before Thanksgiving:)

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonThis weekend is the last weekend before Thanksgiving. We’ve decorated the dorm last week, and we had lots of funny conversations. I swear the girls in the dorm are the best dorm mates ever!

The basketball season has started yesterday, and the cheer leading  started more early too! The girls dorm seems will be empty after school:P!!

Thanksgiving is coming, and I’ve received a e-mail about the Thanksgiving Trip. If you’re spending your thanksgiving holiday in the trip, you may be interested with it.

The trip for Thanksgiving will be going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wa. It is a resort with and indoor water park.  We will also be going Go Karting, movies, Cosmic Bowling, shopping and out to some group dinners.   The trip includes lodging, all food, transportation and activity fees.  Spending money for shopping is extra.   If you want an actual day to day itinerary I can get that for you too.

Christmas is coming! Are You Ready??:D

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonIt’s 11/11/11 today, what a special day! Anyway…have you decorated you house for Christmas yet? Well, We have!!! We spent about few hours to decorate our dorm. It’s a fun process decorating with your friends and deans. After we finish decorating, we had Christmas cookies and cupcake for snack:D It’s sooooo tasty!!! We all sat down and chat, eat, dance…What a crazy and warm night:)

The Extreme Glow Party!!!!!:D

  Here comes the Extreme glow party! It was started at 7:00, to 11:00! We had a really fun and extreme glow night:P!!! We had glow drinks, glow glasses, glow balloons, glow pattern on our face and hand..We also had a few kinds of games, and this is the one that I think it’s the most exciting game.Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonDorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

Preparing For PSAT Test !

Today is 10/11/2011… and we going to have PSAT test on Wednesday, but looks like everyone has really been relaxing with their time ( me too ) not stressing to much.


-The PSAT gives high-school juniors a chance to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs. It’s given once a year, in October, mostly to juniors and sophomores.

-Like the SAT, but Shorter

The PSAT is a little bit more than two hours long. It consists of two twenty-five minute Verbal sections, two twenty-five minute Math sections, and one half-hour Writing Skills section.

The PSAT is great practice for the SAT. Although it’s shorter than the SAT, the PSAT has all the question-types and tests much the same knowledge. Virtually all of the techniques and strategies that apply to the PSAT also apply to the SAT.

Try your best and good luck guys 🙂 !!

Sleeping On The Floor WEEKEND!!!

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonThis weekend, my friends and I went to Aly and Jennifer’s room..and we had alot of fun and a crazy night:P

We watched horror movies and scare each other during the night.  It was so funny to see those shocked and scared faces:D

Looking forward to the next weekend!!!:DDorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon