Preparing For PSAT Test !

Today is 10/11/2011… and we going to have PSAT test on Wednesday, but looks like everyone has really been relaxing with their time ( me too ) not stressing to much.


-The PSAT gives high-school juniors a chance to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs. It’s given once a year, in October, mostly to juniors and sophomores.

-Like the SAT, but Shorter

The PSAT is a little bit more than two hours long. It consists of two twenty-five minute Verbal sections, two twenty-five minute Math sections, and one half-hour Writing Skills section.

The PSAT is great practice for the SAT. Although it’s shorter than the SAT, the PSAT has all the question-types and tests much the same knowledge. Virtually all of the techniques and strategies that apply to the PSAT also apply to the SAT.

Try your best and good luck guys 🙂 !!


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