The Extreme Glow Party!!!!!:D

  Here comes the Extreme glow party! It was started at 7:00, to 11:00! We had a really fun and extreme glow night:P!!! We had glow drinks, glow glasses, glow balloons, glow pattern on our face and hand..We also had a few kinds of games, and this is the one that I think it’s the most exciting game.Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonDorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon


Preparing For PSAT Test !

Today is 10/11/2011… and we going to have PSAT test on Wednesday, but looks like everyone has really been relaxing with their time ( me too ) not stressing to much.


-The PSAT gives high-school juniors a chance to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs. It’s given once a year, in October, mostly to juniors and sophomores.

-Like the SAT, but Shorter

The PSAT is a little bit more than two hours long. It consists of two twenty-five minute Verbal sections, two twenty-five minute Math sections, and one half-hour Writing Skills section.

The PSAT is great practice for the SAT. Although it’s shorter than the SAT, the PSAT has all the question-types and tests much the same knowledge. Virtually all of the techniques and strategies that apply to the PSAT also apply to the SAT.

Try your best and good luck guys 🙂 !!

Sleeping On The Floor WEEKEND!!!

Dorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville OregonThis weekend, my friends and I went to Aly and Jennifer’s room..and we had alot of fun and a crazy night:P

We watched horror movies and scare each other during the night.  It was so funny to see those shocked and scared faces:D

Looking forward to the next weekend!!!:DDorm Life here at Canyonville Christian Academy in Canyonville Oregon

The CCA Girl’s Dorm Life:)

CCA Private Boarding School, Canyonville, Dorm LifeHere at CCA the girl’s dorm is also called the Hinn House, it was built in the 1920′s.  The Hinn House was first named Hafterson House, and it is a landmark in Canyonville.

The girl’s dorm is equipped with a large living room, kitchen, study hall and a quaint chatting area on the main floor.

CCA Boarding school is close to the market in Canyonville

Girls going to Ray's

This is the first month I lived in the girl’s dorm, I enjoyed so much. The best place I liked to go and stay is The Study Hall.

The study hall has multiple tables and chairs along with several campus computer’s available for student use.  The Canyonville Christian Academy Campus has wireless internet around the school for students to use it more convenient. There is also a acoustic piano to play music.  The study hall is a great place to just relax, chat with friends or practice up on your favorite piano piece.

First Month In CCA Dorm Life !

I have lived in Canyonville Christian Academy Shaffer’s Dorm  for 1 month and it’s actually really interesting .

CCA, Boading School, Private School, Dorm Life, Shaffer's Dorm

Shaffer’s Dorm can supply up to 20 boys in 7 large rooms. There are 3 large bedrooms upstairs and 4 large bedrooms downstairs.

The living room’s cieling  boasts 20 feet high and is a great place to relax and watch a sporting event or movie on the large screen TV.  From the upstairs bedrooms a balcony overlooks the living room that makes for a warm, family style dormitory.

The large kitchen can be used by students to prepare snacks and quick meals.

Dorm life at CCA is happy, fun, and lively. I couldn’t  image dorm life can be so amazing like this ! We’re like a big Family, we care for each other like brothers.

We have lots of activities like, Football and Soccer. We also work out together after study hall.

Playing football in front of Shaffer’s Dorm.

cca, canyonville, boarding school, private school, dorm life

Our Dean, Mrs. S
cca, canyonville, boarding school, private school, dorm life