Dorm Life

I have lived in the dorm for almost 3 years, we are just like a big family, always study, play game, chat and whatever else, I can not image that I am going to graduate soon! We have a lot of memories, I have enjoyed living in the dorm and I’m looking forward to having more activities and create more memories!


Spring Break is Coming!!!

Guess what? Spring break is coming! Is everyone excited? Do you have any plan for spring break? There are two choices for me, the first one is go with the Canyonville Christian Academy‘s trip, it will be going to the beach in Oregon and enjoy the sunshine, I think it will be pretty good! The second option is to go to LA with my friend and his aunt, and that sounds good too! I had a hard time choosing….Finally, I decided to go to LA because I really want to go to Six Flags! Hope everyone will have lots of fun during their spring break!