Thanksgiving break is over

All of us have a lot of fun with school trip in Seattle! We went to lots of malls, watch Harry Potter, and went to the tallest tower in Seattle! The most important is the Black Friday, everyone bought a lot of things at a  cheap price! At night, there were lots of chinese restaurant, it’s awesome! When we tasted the food it made us feel like we were in our own country! Time flew fast, thanksgiving is over, it’s time to back to Canyonville Christian Academy. We came back by train, it’s my first time to go on the train in America, it’s awesome! The seats were confortable, I hope that I can take the train again! At the end of the trip I want to thank everyone, including every dean for planning this fun break, I will never forget this school trip , it was awesome!


SAT Is Coming

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolCan’t believe that time pasts so fast here at Canyonville Christian Academy! The SAT is coming tomorrow!

Everyone who is going to take the test tomorrow should go to sleep early today so they can take the test being refreshed!

Good luck to everyone!!