Shaffer Dorm

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This Christian Boarding School has a dorm named Shaffer Dorm.  It is located near Canyonville Christian Academy’s campus.  It is a boy’s dorm and has two stories.

There are 7 rooms, 17 students and 2 deans that live there.  In each room there are 3 or 4 students.

There is a living room and a kitchen in the first floor, and there is a laundry in the basement.

Near Shaffer Dorm, there is a post office and bank, it’s convenient for students.


One thought on “Shaffer Dorm

  1. Shaffer dorm is the best! I lived there for 3 years and now that I’m in college I look back at it with very fond memories. I was just fancifully thinking about being a dean there for a year after college. Who knows? God knows.
    P.S. The rooms hold 2 to 4 students each, not 3 to 4.

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